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Биолого-географический факультет

Direction - Biology

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years.


The Bachelor carries out activities on studying and protecting wildlife, on using biological systems for economic and medical purposes.


Based on obtained qualifications, the Graduate is trained to work as a Biologist, Research Engineer, Researcher in Research and Development Institutions, in nature protection and nature management bodies in general and special Educational Institutions.


Graduates with a Bachelor's degree can continue their studies in the Graduate School (2 years), at the end of which they are awarded with Master’s Degree in Biology.

Direction - Geography

Profile - “General Geography”

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years.

The objects of Bachelor professional activities are: natural, anthropogenic, natural-economic, environmental-economic, industrial, social, recreational, public, territorial Systems and Structures, as well as State Planning and Regulation at different territorial levels, spatial planning, design and forecasting, geographical examination of all forms of economic activities; sustainable development programs; socio-economic and statistical monitoring; state targeted programs of socio-economic development; migration and ethnocultural processes; natural and cultural heritage sites, tourism; education, public awareness and public health.


Types of professional activities:

- design, production;

- research;

-control and audit;

- administrative;

- pedagogical.


The Bachelor is educated to participate in complex Expeditionary and Desk Studies on the development of cities and territories at various levels, to conduct Geographical and Environmental Assessments, Projects of various types, comprehensive Regional Diagnostics, Spatial Planning, Design and Forecasting.


Direction - Chemistry

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years.


The Bachelor is educated to carry out professional activities in accordance with fundamental and special training (testing on composition, structure and properties of substances and chemical processes, the creation and development of new promising materials and chemical technologies), and is ready to carry out activities in Educational Institutions.


The objects of Bachelor professional activities are Research and Production organizations of Chemical and related fields, Educational and other Institutions.


Direction - Tourism

Profile - “Technology and Management of Tour Operator Service and Travel Agent Service”

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years.


The areas of ​​Bachelor professional activities include the development and implementation of Tourism Products, Management of Integrated Touristic Services in the main sectors of Tourism.

The objects of Graduate professional activities are:

- consumers of Touristic Services (Individual or Corporate clients), their needs;

- Touristic Product;

- Technological processes for the provision of Touristic Services;

- results of intellectual activities;

- intangible assets belonging to subjects of the Touristic Industry on the basis of ownership or other legal basis;

- accommodation facilities, catering facilities, objects of excursion activities and sightseeing, sports and recreational services, means of transport, other touristic Enterprises and objects related to the development and sale of touristic products; Information Resources and Systems, means of providing Automated Information Systems and their technologies.

Types of Bachelor professional activities:

- design;

- production and technology;

- organizational management;

- service;

- research.


Specialty – Medical Biochemistry

The Graduate Qualification is a Biochemist.

Standard course of study: 6 years.


The Biochemist is trained to conduct the research work with the aim of developing and introducing into medical practice the achievements of Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, also for pedagogical work in Medical Universities. The Biochemist is able to work in medical, diagnostic, research and educational institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia and ASA in the positions of laboratory assistant, virologist, bacteriologist, allergist, immunologist, geneticist, doctor lab assistant geneticist, forensic doctor on forensic medical examination of material evidence, Head of the Forensic Chemical Department on forensic medical examination of material evidence (forensic laboratory), or Bureau of forensic medical examination.


The Graduate is prepared to continue his education in PhD and Master’s Study.

Декан факультета

Гогуа Марина Лементьевна
  • Звание: Доцент
  • Ученая степень: Кандидат биологических наук


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