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Биолого-географический факультет

The Faculty of Biology and Geography, being founded in 1932 as an Agrobiological Faculty at the Sukhum State Pedagogical Institute,is one of the oldest at the Abkhaz State University, and is the leading Center for Academic Biological and Geographical Education in Abkhazia. Until 1941, there were only 3 Departments at the Faculty: Botany & Chemistry, Zoology, and Geography. Currently, within the Faculty there are 5 Departments equipped with specialized classrooms and laboratories, the Museum of Nature, Educational and Experimental Base "Kholodnaya Rechka (Cold River)". The Faculty staff are active organizers and participants of Scientific and Educational Projects, Conferences, Seminars, Round Tables, and Forums. The Faculty Staff is composed of 65 people: Lecturers– 48p, including 3 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 23 Associate Professors with PhD Degree; support staff totals in17 people. Since 2009, the Faculty is Headed by PhD, Associate Professor Gogua Marina Lementyevna.

In different years many great scientists and wonderful people used to work at the Faculty - prof. Kolakovsky A.A., Assoc. Barach N.P., Assoc. Tarba Z.M., Assoc. Shamba R.P., Ayba G.G., prof. Shvangeradze R.R., prof. Lavrentiev V.I., Feizba Y.R., Lapin B.A., Goov A.N., Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gitelzon I.I., Gitsba D.K. More than 50 years of work have been devoted to the Faculty by tem, and they are still working fruitfully: Honored Worker of Higher School, Associate Professor, PhD, Ashkharua Fatima Grigoryevna, Honored Worker of Higher Education Assoc. Ninua Rimma Ivanovna, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Prof., Academician of ASA and RANS, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Prof. Shevtsova Zinaida Vsevolodovna; Prof. PhD in Biology Barkaya Vladimir Spiridonovich.

Faculty students: Adzinba Yuri, Lasuria Oleg, Gerzmava Alkhas, Tsushba Rustem, Torchua Gennady, Akhuba Daur, Enik Dmitry, Topuridze Leonella died the death of heroes on battlefields during the Patriotic War of 1992-93. Eternal Memory and Glory to the fallen Heroes!

More than 300 students study at the Faculty in the following areas and specialties: Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Medical Biochemistry, Tourism, Forestry and Landscape Construction. Masters Studies are available in Biology.

Our Faculty conducts unforgettable field practical trainings, during which students get acquainted with research methods, and also acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting scientific, pedagogical and touristic activities. Practical Trainings in our country are held in Ritsa Relict National Park, Pitsunda-Mussera Reserve, Skurcha Reserve, Abkhaz Forest Experimental Station, Research laboratories of Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy, ASA Institute of Botany and ASA Institute of Ecology. Practical trainings are also available outside of Abkhazia: in Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and other regions. Pedagogical practices are carried out on the basis of Sukhum Secondary Schools No. 2 and No. 11.

The Geographical Society of Abkhazia was createdin 2001, its founder is the Abkhaz State University. The President of the Society is Tanya Inga Vasilievna, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor.

Since 2015, the Faculty has been offering trainings in the fields of tourism and hospitality for a period of 3 months. About 250 touristic guides, mountain hiking instructors and tour company methodologists have benefited from these trainings.

The Department of Ecology and Morphology of Animals was founded in 1932. Head of the Department PhD, Assoc. Dbar Roman Saidovich. The main directions of Scientific Research: Ecology of the Caucasus Mountain Territories; development of scientific basis for conservation of Caucasus Biological Diversity (faunologycal and mycological studies); taxonomy of animals; complex hydro-biological studies of inland water bodies of Abkhazia and the Black Sea, bioindication and environmental monitoring.

The Department of Geography was founded in 1937. Head of the Department PhD, Assoc. Kaitanba Maya Dzhemalovna. The main areas of Scientific Research: complex Physical and Geographical Study of Abkhazia and analysis of landscape changes; demographic problems of Abkhazia; development of Paleographic Research Methods; elaborating of scientific basis for the development of tourism in Abkhazia. The Department offers Bachelor trainings in the following areas: Geography- Profile “General Geography”, Tourism- Profile “Technology and Management of Tour Operator Services and Travel Agent Services” and "Geography". Specialization "Socio-economic Geography and Economics"

The Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Chemistry was founded in 1981. The Head of the Department is PhD, Assoc. Sheremet Irina Petrovna. The main directions of the scientific research: Morphological & Functional Characteristics of the Caucasus People; social and biomedical aspects of longevity phenomenon; psychosomatic features of post-traumatic syndrome in Abkhazia and issues of psychophysiological rehabilitation of the population; somatometric features of children of different age groups and memory features; physicochemical methods of assessing the ecological state of the environment.

The Base Department of Experimental Biology and Medicine was founded in 1981 at the Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy. The Head of the Department is Ph.D., Assoc. Akhuba Larisa Otarovna. The main areas of Scientific Research: Virological, Radiobiological, Biochemical, Biophysical Studies on primates; the development of new methods for laboratory diagnosis of certain diseases.

The Base Department of Botany and Forestry at the ASA Institute of Botany was founded in 2001. The Head of the Department is the Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of ASA Bebiya Sergey Mikhailovich. The main areas of Scientific Research: Floristry, Dendrology, Plant Introduction, adaptation mechanisms of plant organisms to extreme growing conditions, adventitious and ruderal vegetation. 

Close communication is traditionally maintained with leading scientific institutions and universities of Russia: Sochi State University, Kuban State University, Ural State Pedagogical University, Southern Federal University, Azov Fisheries Research Institute, Branch of the Russian State Meteorological University in Tuapse, Kabardino-Balkarian State University, Institute of Mountain Ecology RAS, Udmurtia State University, All-Russia Research Institute of Helminthology named after K.I. Scriabin.

Faculty Graduates work in various organizations and institutions of Abkhazia – Schools, Research Institutions, organizations on Environment and Local History, Medical Institutions, Tourism, Government.

Декан факультета

Цулая Игорь Вахтангович
  • Звание: Доцент
  • Ученая степень: Кандидат географических наук


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