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The Faculty pays great attention to the direct practical training of graduates in order to achieve compliance of training quality with modern requirements. Classes led by Lecturers-practitioners allow to integrate the theoretical and practical training of students as much as possible, to form competencies, skills and abilities that are necessary for a future Lawyer in solving specific problems in practice.

The Faculty originates from the Legal Department, which was opened in 1979 and was part of the Faculty of History and Law. Since January 2003 it functions as an independent Faculty.

There are 4 Departments at the Faculty:

- State and Law;

- Criminal Law andProcedure;

- Civil Law and Procedure;

- Political Science and Sociology 

Professors, Associate Professors, leading specialists of law enforcement agencies, representatives of legislative and executive authorities are teaching at the Faculty. The teaching staff of the Faculty is constantly replenished with new staff - best graduates who have expressed interest in Research work. 12 of them are Aspirants and Graduate Students of Universities in Russia.

The Faculty prepares specialists in State Law, Civil Law and Criminal Law.

Lecturers of the Faculty drafted and published textbooks and teaching aids: “Constitutional Law of the Republic of Abkhazia” in the Abkhaz Language; “The National Assembly-Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia within the System of State Authorities”; “Criminal and Legal protection of Rights of suspect and accused persons”; “Criminal Law (General and Special Part)”; “The Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Abkhazia”; "Political Science" in the Abkhaz language, etc. 

Every year Lecturers of the Faculty participate in International Conferences outside the Republic of Abkhazia, where their works are published in Collections and conference proceedings. They also take an active part in the development of Projects, Laws and Codes: Criminal Procedure, Civil Law (Volumes I and II), Civil Procedure, etc.

All Departments of the Faculty have Scientific Student Groups. Every year students take part in International Conferences organized both in Abkhazia and abroad, where their Scientific papers win prizes. Students undergo academic trainings, internship and pre-undergraduate practice at the General Prosecutor's Office, Supreme Courts, District and City Courts, the Legal Bar, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service, the State Customs Committee, and City Administrations. 

From 1994 to 2019, more than 800 specialists graduated the Faculty and work in various Public Authorities, local Administrations, in Commercial and non-profit organizations.

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Смыр Сергей Макарович
  • Ученая степень: Кандидат юридических наук


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