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Юридический факультет

Direction - Jurisprudence

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years.


The activities of the Bachelor in Jurisprudence is aimed at implementing legal norms and ensuring Law and Order in various areas of society.

The objects of Graduate professional activities are:

- events and actions of legal significance;

- legal relations occurring in the field of State Institution’s functioning;

- legal relations between government bodies, individuals and legal entities.


The Bachelor of Law should be able to:

- interpret and apply laws and other regulating legal acts;

-enforce compliance with the Law in activities of state structures, individuals and legal entities;

- qualify legally correctly facts and circumstances;

- develop documents of legal nature, carry out legal examination of Legislation Acts, give qualified legal opinions and consultations;

- make legal decisions and perform other legal actions in strict accordance with the Law;

- identify and establish facts of offenses, determine measures of responsibility and punishment for the perpetrators;

- take appropriate measures to restore violated rights;

- systematically upgrade the professional qualification, study the legislation and practice its application, navigate in the specialized literature.


The Bachelor of Law is prepared to continue his education in the Magistracy.

Декан факультета

Смыр Сергей Макарович
  • Ученая степень: Кандидат юридических наук


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