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Экономический факультет

Direction - Economics

Profile - “Finance and Credit”

Profile - “Accounting, Analysis and Audit”

Profile - "NationalEconomy"

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standardcourseofstudy: 4 years.

The objects of Bachelor’s professional activities are the behavior of Economic Agents, their expenditure and outcomes, functioning markets, financial and information flows, production processes.


The field of Graduate professional activities includes:

- economic, financial, marketing, production, economic and analytical services of organizations of various industries, fields and forms of ownership,

- financial, credit and insurance institutions,

- state and municipal authorities,

- Academic and Scientific Research Organizations,

-Institutions of Higher and Vocational Education, Secondary General Education, Continuing Education.


Direction - Management

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years


The objects of Bachelor’s professional activities are: management of organizations of various organizational and legal forms; processes of State and Municipal Management.


The sphere of Graduate professional activities includes:

- organizations of any legal form (commercial, non-profit, state, municipal) in which Graduates work as executors or junior level Managers in various services of the Administrative Management;

- State and Municipal Management;

-structures in which Graduates are acting as entrepreneurs creating and developing their own business.

Декан факультета

Озган Ева Константиновна
  • Звание: Доцент
  • Ученая степень: Кандидат экономических наук


Телефон: 89123129512