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Исторический факультет

Direction - History

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years.

The practical and research activities of the Bachelor of History are aimed at studying the History of the Motherland and World Civilizations, Domestic and Foreign Historiography, Source Studies, Theory and Methodology of Research with the aim of professionally understanding the socio-cultural and political conditions of the modern world, identifying stable trends in historical dynamics, and forecasting their developments.

Graduates can work in the Educational System as teachers in Secondary Schools, VET Institutions, Gymnasiums, Lyceums, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Cultural Organizations and Institutions, as Experts in Analytical Centers, Public and State Organizations, Governing bodies and Local Administrations.

The Bachelor is prepared to study at the Magistracy (2 years), at the end of which they are awarded the Scientific of Master’s Degree in History.

Specialty – International Relations

Graduate Qualification- Specialist in the field of International Relations.

Standard course of study: 5 years.

The professional activity of the International Relations Specialist is aimed at studying the international relations system, the most important international organizations and associations, problems and trends in the development of World Politics, National Security and State Foreign Policy in order to develop scientifically based practical recommendations on activities of various authorities in the field of Foreign Policy.

The Specialist’s Qualification provides for the performance of functions of a Referent, Expert, Consultant, and Translator in various institutions and organizations.

The Graduate is prepared for the Postgraduate Study.

Декан факультета

Габелия Алик Николаевич
  • Звание: Доцент
  • Ученая степень: Кандидат исторических наук


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