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Педагогический факультет

Primary School Teacher is a teacher, educator and psychologist in one person, this is the most humane and creative profession. He/she introduces to the small person a new world - the world of knowledge, plays an important role in the formation of his/her personality, reveals abilities. The teaching profession is not only honorable and respected, but also requires a lot of responsibilities, because it’s the teacher who creates the future of the Country!

The faculty was founded in 1957 on the basis of the Pedagogical School at the Sukhum Pedagogical Institute. In different years, many outstanding specialists were working at the Faculty: Prof. Tarba B.G., Associate Professor Kuraskua V.B, Assoc. Avidzba G.Kh., Assoc. Arsenyeva-Gagulia E.D., Assoc. Kilba K.Kh., Senior Lecturer Katsiya-Tarba L.B. and others who made a significant contribution to its formation and development.

Today, more than 500 full-time and part-time students study at the Faculty. Instruction Languages ​​ - Abkhaz, Russian, Armenian.

More than 50 lecturers and part-timers, 28 of which have Academic Degrees and Titles, pass on their knowledge to students.

The Faculty consists of 3 Departments:


· Pedagogics and Methodology of Primary Education;

· Pedagogy and Psychology;

· Physical Training;

Currently, the Faculty is providing following Training Courses:

050100 Pedagogical Education, Profiles: “Primary Education”, “Preschool Education”, “Physical Education”


030300 “Psychology”.


From 2017, it is planned to set up Masters Courses in the field of “Social Educator” and “Adaptive Physical Culture”.

The Psychological and Pedagogical Center is also a part of the Faculty. The main activities of the Center are Psychodiagnostic, Advisory, Correctional and Rehabilitation, Psychoprophylactic, as well as information and methodological activities.

On the basis of the Faculty there are two specialized Councils on Thesis Defendinding in the following specialties: 13.00.01 - “General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education” and 13.00.02 “Theory and Methods of Teaching and Educating (Abkaz Language, Abkhaz Literature, Russian Language, Russian Literature, History)”, where two Doctoral and Six Master's theses were successfully presented.

Scientific Research of the Faculty is primarily aimed at developing and improving the educational process and improving the quality of training of Graduates. Particular attention is paid to the development of courses and programs, the compilation of educational and methodological literature in Abkhaz language. Results of Scientific Researches are reflected in Faculty reports, University and International Scientific and Practical Conferences, forums and publications. The Scientific Society of Students, graduate students and young scientists (NOSAMU) is actively working at the Faculty. Many studies of students are remarkably original and practical. The State Certification Commission constantly awards the best Graduate Qualification Works and gives recommendations for the continuation of the initiated research. Over the past years, 17 graduates were offered jobs at the Faculty for teaching, they are Graduate Students and Applicants for Academic Degrees.

Undoubtedly, the life of our students is not limited just within the classroom walls. There are many good achievements in the field of sports, creative activities, in volunteer movement and in competitions of the Intellectual Game KVN. We can confidently say that our students not only possess talents, but also realize them in various fields. The Faculty is adequately represented in all university events. The Faculty Folklore Instrumental Band “Arts auy” (“Teacher”) is quite popular, indeed. Throughout “Student Days” held annually at the University, the Faculty Team demonstrates outstanding creative abilities, solidarity, and the will to win, which enables to take the leading positions.


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