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The main Mission of the Center is to provide Psychological and Pedagogical support to all subjects of the ASU Educational Process, including provision of services to the population in accordance with requirements. The Center was established on April 13, 2012.  

Main Activities:

·       Participation in the development and improvement of the University educational process;

·       Conducting socio-psychological researches and research works in general;

·       Training of Psychology Faculty students on checklist form testing and computer testing, including training on psycho-diagnosing, psycho-prophylaxis and psycho- correction; Psychodiagnostic examination and counseling of citizens in need of psychological assistance.

The main Events held by the Psychological and Pedagogical Center: 

·       Continuing education courses for school psychologists in Sukhum and Psychological Services staff of Law Enforcement Agencies of the Republic of Abkhazia.

·       Research work on the study of adaptive capabilities and psychological readiness of ASU first-year students to study at the University.

·       Psychological testing and counseling of citizens requiring psychological assistance.