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Head of the Department: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Honorary Professor of ASU Skovin EvgenyViktorovich

Phone: +7 (940) 961-63-65

Work schedule: Mon-Fri, 9.00-17.00, Sat-Sun - days off


The Department is a structural unit of the University, organizing educational work:

·       Management of educational and methodological activities of Departments and Faculties in terms of normative, design, technological and resource support of basic educational programs in relevant training areas;

·       Monitoring Teaching and methodological panel activities of Faculties, including Deputy Deans in charge of the development of educational and methodological module complexes of main Educational Programs;

·       Monitoring Lecturerers’ activities on development of Academic Discipline Programs and educational and methodological support of the educational process;  

·       Conducting activities on preparing for publication of textbooks, manuals, monographs and other types of scientific works of ASU teaching staff;  

·       Development of Regulatory, Organizational and Administrative documents relating to the Department activities;  

·       Study and dissemination of leading Educational Institution’s Best Practices in order to improve the University activities in the educational and methodical fields of work.