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Head of Department: Kharazia Natela Aronovna

Phone: + 7 (840) 223-10-03

Work schedule: Mon-Fri, 9.00-15.30, Sat-Sun - days off


Training Department Functions

The main functions of the Training Department are:

·       control over the organization of educational process at Faculties, Departments and other educational units of the University in all forms of training offered at ASU;

·       monitoring the education quality;

·       control over the timely compilation and approval of the academic volume of Faculties and other Educational Units of the University, including the distribution and implementation of academic workloads by the teaching staff;

·       control over the formation and implementation of educational process schedules and individual plans based on the curriculum and work plans in specialties and areas of specialist training, including controlling their timely implementation.

·       the Training Department interacts with all Structural Departments of the University within the tasks and functions assigned to it:

It provides:

·       The calculation of the teaching staff hourly workload to the Personnel Department and Accounting Department;

·       Strict reporting forms to Dean’s office to be filled out and signed by Deans;

·       Draft Orders on issues of educational work to the Legal Department for clearance;

·       calculations of the hourly workload of the teaching staff and materials on educational work to Departments;

·       Staff Time Sheets to the Accounting Department;



·       academic certificates and Diploma Supplements on Strict Reporting Forms from Dean’s Offices; information about students, and the hourly load of teaching staff for the academic year from the Faculty of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining of Specialists,

·       from all Departments, information for drafting the University Activities Report;

·       from the Departments, the workload of teaching staff, individual workplans of Lecturers, work programs, Department methodological guidelines, the list of teaching staff ingaged in teaching, taking exams, participating in Panels on transfer and restoration of students;

·       in the Personnel Department, information on teaching staff for the academic year;

·       in the Registry – orders and documents on educational work.


Faculty Deans:

·       -interact with the Educational Department in accordance with the University organizational structure;

·       support stable linear relationships within hierarchical subordination in accordance with the distribution of powers between University Structural Units;

·       transmit Administrative Information (to the University Structural Units) and Reporting Information (to the Management);

·       support stable functional relationships, coordinating their activities with university Dean’s Offices and Departments;

·       -interact with related units in accordance with procedures on preparing and making managerial decisions;

·       transmit information on statistics, analytical materials, draft documents, proposals and comments on issues proposed for discussion to interested stakeholders.