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Head of Department: Bartsits Angela Lizbarovna

Phone: + 7 (840) 223-10-44

Work schedule: Mon-Fri: 9.00-15.30, Sat-Sun - days off


Main tasks of the Department

1. Organizing activities within the framework of a Unified State Social Policy and current Legislation.

2. Ensuring the correct application of current Legislation in terms of conducting financial and economic activities.

3. Ensuring interaction with relevant municipal authorities or organizations of social protection of the population, regardless of ownership forms established on the territory of the municipality.

4. Developing proposals on improving the organization of Accounting, Control and Reporting.

5. Conducting information and analytical activities on accounting.

6. Monitoring the targeted use of funds.


Main functions of the Department:

1. Accounting and tax accounting of financial and economic activities.

2. Monitoring:

- safety of property;

- targeted use of funds and material assets;

- timely inventory;

- correct conduct of payroll calculations.

3. Using of approved Standardized Forms.

4. Elaborating primary accounting documents in timely and accurate manner, their due transfer for reflecting in accounting.

5. Ensuring the safety of accounting documents.

6. Fixed assets records.

7. Managing the billpayment under business contracts.

8. Ensuring strict observance of cash and bill settlement discipline, spending funds according to allocated purpose.

9. Prior control over the timely and correct execution of paper work and the legality of transactions.

10. Ensuring timely and correct reflection in the accounts and in reporting of financial operations.

11. Reporting on statistics.

12. Instructing materially responsible persons on the issues of accounting and preservation of valuables in their custody;

13. Participation in meetings and seminars.

14. Preparing documents on shortcomings with the aim of managing the deficiency repayment.

15. Managing of work on repayment of receivables and payables.